Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses

Have your Cardiff rental property fully managed and your rent guaranteed with legal expense cover for just £100.00 per month

Our guaranteed rent scheme for Cardiff and South Wales buy to let and property investment owners is not just a guaranteed rent scheme but a landlord protection policy that also covers your legal expenses.

The legal responsibilities of being a landlord are ever increasing with the introduction of Deposit Protection, ensuring deposits are protected correctly and Prescribed Information is served within the required period of time, never mind knowing when to serve a Section 8 notice or which Section 21 to serve.

The legal system is clogged with landlords looking to gain possession of their buy to let properties through the courts, the process is both time consuming and costly, but with our rent guarantee scheme Cardiff and South Wales landlords and property investors can sleep easy in the knowledge that they are in safe hands as not only will they receive a guaranteed rental income, but they will not have to endure the hassle or the financial burden of legal expenses if the tenant in their buy to let property needs to be evicted and possession sort.

If you have a buy to let or investment property in Cardiff or South Wales and would like to take advantage of our Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses cover, please complete the form below.

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